Sunday, 15 November 2015

When I first met Wilson ... till Now

I'll start from the begging shall I? This is going to be one long, post, cuteness-photo-overload of Will's baby photo's to follow ...
Okay, we started looking for a puppy, Holly was only approx 4mths old at this stage! And I'd just convinced my parents to get me a dog. First off we were getting a Rottweiler, but then we decided a little dog would suit us better at that time. So we decided, like Holly, to get a Cavalier cross. So we started searching online puppy sites (for anyone considering getting a puppy BAD IDEA!!! We've been incredibly luck with both Holly's health and temparment, and we will never get a puppy from that sort of breeder again.) We decided a "Pugalier" or "Cavachon" (Again BAD IDEA!!!! There is NO SUCH THING as a good breeder of a "Pugalier", "Cockerpoo" or "Cavachon", if you want a cross-breed, GO TO A RESCUE CENTRE!) We rang hundreds of breeders and there were problems with everyone, one "breeder" didn't even know if the puppies were girls or boys!

In the end we decided, this is Silly, what we actually want is a Cavalier Just a pure Cavalier, from a good breeder (Anyone looking for a puppy, don't, don't look for a puppy, look for a good breeder and then wait for one of their puppies) So we researched breeders in Ireland, until we found Wilson's breeder, we asked when she was next expecting a litter, and she told us March. We sent her more info about us and our family, so she could see if we'd be suitable. Then, we went on Holiday (Crufts 2013) and one morning we got a text, the puppies were born! A few days later we went to visit them.

We'd originally thought a boy would suit Holly better but we were flexible, a boy or  girl would be perfect. We were greeted by 4 adult Cavaliers, all very friendly and then we met the puppies, the breeder held up each one in turn for us to see, and when I saw Wilson, Boy2, I wanted him, he was my favorite. It was several more weeks before we could see which pup would be ours (Many good breeders actually choose which pup goes to which home, not the owner) and then after weeks of seeing photo's of the puppies, I recognized Wilson in all the photos, he was the darkest of the litter, we got an email, we could choose between Frankie (that was his litter-nickname) and Pinky. We discussed it, although from the second I saw the email, I knew we'd tell them Frankie.

Then once the puppies were 8weeks old we visited them, I instantly picked out Wilson, and when I was asked if I wanted to hold him I was soooo happy! I held him for the most of the visit, but there was a problem Wilson had a sensitive stomach, and they didn't know if they should keep him or not, they decided to think about it and we left, but I was upset I soooo wanted Wilson! Then a few days later they emailed, sending photo's of both Frankie and Pinky, basically suggesting we should have Pinky, and lovely, adorable, sweet and gorgeous as Pinky is, I wanted Wilson. I actually cried when I saw the photo of him I was so sad! So my dad called the vet the puppies had been seen by (for vaccinations) and the vet said she thought it'd be okay, we told the breeder we'd still like him, if that was okay with her.

Then a week or so later, we brought him home! I was sooo happy! We played with all the pup's for about an hour whilst my dad sorted paperwork (Good breeders always have contracts) I was too young to do any paperwork, even though he was to be mine. He was allowed to sit on my lap (just this once) and he was wrapped in his blanket, but he was panting a bit (which looked so cute) so we took it off which made him cooler!

That leaves one thing, what to name him, the shortlist was Wilson, Alfie, Archie, Frankie & Jazzie, We were discussing this (on his forst day home) when Wilson just randomly picked up a tennis ball, and when we looked we saw the words Wilson 4 on it so yup, that was that, Wilson Frankie Roche, nicknames Jazz, Jazzie, Jazzie-Boy, Lil' Growler, Cheeky Monkey .... 

And yep, that's the journey to get him, and in the last 2.5 Years, we've learnt basic behaviors, trick & have started Agility.

Thank you to Wilson's breeder for trusting me with my little Jazzie-Boy!

" Don't look for a puppy, look for a good breeder and then wait for one of their puppies."

Beth + Wilson Xx 

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