Sunday, 15 November 2015

Trick Tutorials?

I'm considering doing some trick tutorials on my blog. A trick I'm working on at the moment is a "Hand Rebound" and whilst there are lot's of videos with this trick in, I haven't found any tutorials. Despite that we're progressing well with this trick but it gave me the idea.

I'd probably do them "Unlisted" and simply on the blog, although I'm still unsyre. It probably wouldn't be till after our Agility Foundations Graduation Video, but any thoughts or suggestions on this would be great. It could either be a photo tutorial or video, or both.

Beth + Wilson Xx


  1. Thanks for commenting! I have a video project at the moment (Graduation video for Silvia Trkmans Agility Foundations) but after that I'll have a go :-) Maybe do a pictures only one beforehand :-)