Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tigger & Roo

Okay, I'm going to give the short version of the story because it could take me hours to give the long version.

Back in the summer we fostered 4 tabby kittens handed in to our local vets. Two girls, Hawaii & Venice and two boys, Tokyo & Orlando. We weaned them and then our friend took the boys and we decided we could offer the girls a loving home, so we rang the vets to ask if that was ok. And they said no, a family had been waiting for two of the kittens the whole time! They never told us! So we were forced to give them to the family.

Baby Roo (aka Hawaii)

Baby Tigger (aka Venice)

The family were quite nice (or so we thought) and said we could visit anytime. Over the next few weeks we got photo's of them which was nice, (they also discovered they were boys not girls) and last weekend we visited them, there were a few worrying things we noticed, they were put out because they were marking in the house (which neutering would resolve, but the family couldn't afford it) and as a result one was covered in bare patches from a fight with a tom cat.

A photo of them on our visit

Then a few day's ago we received a text. They were moving house and unable to take pets, so would we like them. We said yes and we arranged to collect them the next day. When we arrived we realized they'd been in another fight with another cat (because they were put out at night) and had an injured tail. They also were free-roaming without collars or a microchip. They also weren't de-wormed or de-flead (fortunately they didn't have fleas). So we went straight to the vets, and there we realized they'd not been vaccinated and they'd been in a fight with a tom cat! And there is a disease they could have (because of being bitten/scratched by a tom cat whilst no vaccinated) and if so they could pass it onto our cats! So we had to have a blood test, which fortunately was negative, Phew! And then we had to microchipp, vaccinate, neuter, worm, de-flea them and check out their tail, which was a large vet-bill and a lot of worry, all this should have been done by the previous owner!
Nala, our other kitten.

It was very frustrating as we'd offered them a home (and we'd have done all this, and avoided the blood test etc...) and that they'd made us give them the kittens when they couldn't afford them, and before we took them back we weren't informed about half of the things they'd failed to do!

They are now doing fine and we've changed their names to Tigger and Roo (they were "Hawaii & Venice" with us their owners called them "Tony & Toby" and them "Billy & Bobby" so it's their 4th name change) . They are getting used to our cat's :) None of our cat's are very cuddly so I'm hoping Roo will be.


Here are some photo's, and yes I dod notice the "JazzberryJam Production's" on some of them insead of "JazzberryJam Photography"



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