Friday, 27 November 2015

Running Conacts Training

Our Carpet Set-Up

We've started some training on the carpet :-) The course hasn't started yet so we're just running on the carpet full speed!!! With some different exits and entrances :-) So far they're both loving it and I think it's their favorite part of Agility!!!

Beth, Wilson & Holly Xxx


  1. Good idea! I've never trained RCs... apparently they take a lot of time and patience!

  2. Yes I think they do, this is our first time trying and so far I love it so much fun and Wilson was desperate to run on the carpet today! I think the online course is meant to help :-) Holly loves it too, I think it'll really speed them up as they lose momentum with 2o2o :-)

  3. Hello Beth and Wilson, we are happy to find you! We came across your cute face while reading Princess Leah's blog. We're not familiar with Google + but add your blog to our list. We'll definitely come back. :) :)

    Momo, Pinot and mom

  4. Thank you! I've followed your blog too :-)