Sunday, 15 November 2015

Last week of Online Course (Lolabuland, Agility)

We are now approching our final week of our online course "Agility Foundations" we're focusing on Serpentines and Channel Weaves, and the Serpentine's are really progressing! We're almost in a straight line!!! Channel is a bit slower, but hopefully he'll be Weaving by the end of the class. I want a good fast weave, so no rushing!
Of course we still have to work on everything else expecially 2o2o, Sequences & Multi-wraps. We're now using primarily a toy with food in for training which is working really well, it's a good compromise, I get my toy and he get's his food! And he still plays with just toy's, expecially inside :-)

I'm editing our graduation video at the minute, which is getting there, although the majority of the filming I'd like to do next week once we've learnt most things. Beacause the Serpentines are going so well I'm hoping to start on Pushes and Threadles and maybe have mastered them by the end of the course ...

We may re-do the class next year, and I may join her RC class with Wilson, once we have a DW :-)

Here's our latest submission. As I've said before, beacause I have 20+ Foundation Videos, most are set to "Unlisted" simply not to "clutter" my Channel, the most recent are still avalible to watch, like this one. And I'll probrably oost the links here at some point, so my blog followers can see them. If they "disappear" it may be that in the future they are removed or set the "Private" if you'd like to see one of my later FF videos, feel free to ask and if I can I'll share the link, all comments apreciated :-)

Anyway, enjoy our latest video, I'm so proud of my Jazzie-Boy, look at those Serpentines and him Chasing that toy!

Beth + Wilson

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