Monday, 16 November 2015

Activities we do!

Okay, so I've told you all our Frisbee & Junior Handling plans (we're not doing either for the minute) but I haven't actually told you what we are going to do, well not properly anyway.

... is currently our main focus. We're going to finish Silvia Trkmans Agility Foundations online course ( Here's the link to her Website, I definatly reccomend her DVD's and Foundations Class: ) at the end of the week, so the next 6 days will be spent trying to perfect everything we've learnt, and trying to master pushes, threadles, serpentines & weaves! And after that training till the spring when we can start training rounds, and then depending on how we get on hopefully compete next Summer!

                 Video Making & Photography
...will continue of course, after our Graduation video (which should be done 22nd November!) just our Christmas video for 2015. I have big plans for 3rd Birthday video! And lot's of photography too!

                        Trick Training ... 

... lot's of this planned, but, unfortunately there aren't really trick contests or freestyle contests here so we'll be training for our videos, online trick challenges and contests and of course FUN!

                       Obedience ...

... is something I'm really considering doing competitively. We're training heeling (a very important skill for obedience) with Silvia Trkmans Heeling DVD, are working on improving recall all the time (which is mostly good, but seagulls are sooo much fun!) and I'm hoping to teach a fetch as a trick, (you need a fetch for Obedience) and if Wilson really enjoy's it we can play it as a game too!

I'm also planning on continuing Holly's agility training, like Wilson we'll see how we get on in training rounds in the spring before competitions. I'm also going to keep training her new tricks, and maybe in the future try trick contests or a bit of frisbee!

Fun, Fun, Fun ...
... and of course lot's of playing, walking, cuddles & grooming like normal :-) And we'll also as part of our Agility training keep working on toy motivation, which is improving a lot!

I think that's everything! Thanks for stopping by, as this is a new blog I have few followers so all views, comments & follows are appreciated!

Beth + Wilson Xx


  1. Hiya Wilson, I is very pleased to meet a fellow Cavalier
    Gosh, you and Holly look very clever pups…that obedience thingy is faaaaaar too difficult for me (hehe)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Very nice to meet a fellow Cavie :-) ... yes I'm very smart :-p Holly's nearly as smart... hehe just kidding we draw :-p Obedience is good, but it can be a bit boring sometimes :-) Licks & Wag's Wilson ps. We will follow your blog :-)