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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Agility Training

As I said in my previous post, we're going to do a training round at a show in March (19th), so I'm working on training for that.

Wilson,  Running Contacts, No lures, Longer Sequences, Channel Weaves, and Distractions.

Holly, Channel Weaves, Running Contacts, No-lures, Distractions, Paying attention.

Today our friend came round with her poodle x labrador, Rua so Zara (our puppy) and Rua could play together. I decided to take the opportunity to work with "dog-distractions" with Wilson, and to let him play with another dog (non of our dogs are a great play-mate for him) He had great fun running round with Rua & Zara, and I called him away to do a short sequence a few times. I was really impressed with him, and he didn't really need lures/treats in my hand.

I'm really pleased with how he's doing, and we're going to try and create potential distractions.

Holly is doing well, because she gets so focused on her ball, distractions aren't a big issue for her, although working with-out lures is harder for her than Wilson. I also need to work on her commitment.

Tomorrow I think I'll put some pots of treats around whilst we're training as an extra distraction.

Beth, Holly & Wilson Xxx

Friday, 8 January 2016


Well, I've started filming for my next video; Wilson's 3rd Birthday video, which should be done by March 3rd. I need a new computer (this one is borrowed) before I can start editing, but hopefully I can get it sorted soon.

Agility training is going well, longer sequences and no-lures for Wilson, and Running Contacts is my main focus with Holly. Wilson also needs some work on weaving, we need to continue closing the channel, and I want to start RC with him too. I'm using a mix of toys and food, and we're also just playing for fun a lot.We're going to do a training round on the 19th of March. 

Tricks we're mostly going with what we fancy at the time, footstall, nose targets, "kicking ball", paws in, jump into arms, and hoop. 

We're going to Crufts 2016, Wilson, Amber & Zara will be coming for the holiday, and Zara will be competing! So I want to work a bit more on Obedince, general and competitive before we go. So heeling, (which is only pivoting at the minute), Loose-Leash walking (which he's pretty good at) and a bit more work on Recall.

Beth and Wilson Xx