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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Goodbye Ella, Happy Birthday Amber & Holly, Biscuit Recipe & Agility Update!

Ella at 3 Months & at 4 Months

Ella has now moved on to another foster family, we were sad to see her go, but she's settling in well with her new foster family. You can see everything she did whilst she was with us on her Instagram page: @ella_aadi (https://www.instagram.com/ella_aadi/).

Ella's Instagram account. 

Amber and Holly celebrated their 6th & 4th Birthdays on the 10th of October! I made them some biscuits instead of a cake this year, and decided to take the opportunity to share my first recipe on the blog (read below).

The Birthday girls!!!!

Holly is also making great agility progress and has been doing full height A-frame, Seesaw & Jumps (Jumps are on Small although she's not been measured yet) for a few days now and is fine with them! We're also making progress on running even if I don't have a toy in my hand, and we're working on weaves a lot now. 

Wilson and I are still working on motivation and playing, which is a lot of fun! We're doing Polona Bonac's Let's Play online course (http://polonabonac.com/) in case anyone's interested. You can see some video/photo updates on our training on Instagram @wilsontheckcs. 

Beth & Wilson Xx 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Meet Ella and an update on Wilson & Holly

It's been ages since I last posted! Anyway I'll make more of an effort to post from now on.

So guess what!?! After 2 years we've decided to foster another puppy ...

Meet Ella! She is a 3 month old Autism Assistance Dog Puppy-in-Training. We've had her for about 2 weeks now and she's settling in well. 

We've already taken her into several shops ...

and she has also met cats, chickens and goats. 

I've set up an Instagram account for Ella @ella_aadi  And I now can update Wilson's account - @wilsontheckcs more frequently. 

I'm putting a lot of focus into Wilson's agility training and improving his recall now. We're doing a course about improving motivation and making agility really fun which we're both enjoying! So I'll try and keep the blog updated with our progress I also have a new trick/birthday video of him- link at the end of post.

Holly is making great progress with her agility training she's done a few training rounds during the summer, I'm hoping to get her to another show before they stop for the winter. We just need to work on those weaves and contacts now!


Wilson 3 years (incase this video doesn't work, Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgSojZKK0dY )

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bernese Mountain Dog Worldwide Walk 2016 (Kinsale)

So yesterday we went down to Kinsale to take part in the Bernese Mountain Dog Worldwide Walk 2016. We walked on The Dock Beach, and then to James Fort. 

In total there were 13 Bernese, 1 Cavalier & 1 Crossbreed - 15 dogs :-) 

Originally I was going to have Wilson & Buddy traveling separately, as I was worried Buddy would pester Wilson to play, but I decided to try, and they were fine, and just curled up together.  

They were both really good, I was especially pleased with Wilson as I was carrying Buddy a lot, and he's not used to that, or I was also walking Buddy - and the only other dog he usually walks beside is Holly, and she's less excitable.

They were both really confident with the bigger dogs and said 'Hi' to all 13 Bernese!

Buddy trying to steal a treat from my treat bag whilst I reward Wilson!

Wilson  posing before the walk ... I think Buddy is still looking for treats!

We then went to The Dock Beach, they loved that - Amber, Zara, Wilson & Buddy all paddled in the sea!

There were also rocks for climbing ...

We then walked through fields to James Fort. Buddy wanted to walk the whole way - but I did carry him for most of it!
Amazing views and fabulous photo opportunities!

He was meant to be posing by the view ... but he didn't want us to be left behind ...

Walking 2 dogs!

At James Fort, Kinsale

What a gorgeous view!

Buddy just being an annoying little puppy!

We really enjoyed the day, and they were both so well behaved! We also got lot's of clips which will be included in Buddy's video, which I've begun editing. I also wanted to say; I'm going o try and make an effort to blog more, daily whilst Buddy's here and then weekly.

Beth, Wilson & Buddy Xxx

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Wilson & Buddy - Bernese Worldwide Walk 2016 (Kinsale)

Wilson & Buddy having fun on the Bernese Worldwide Walk in Kinsale. We went to The Dock Beach & James Fort, they loved it! In total there were 15 dogs, 13 Bernese :-) Photo's to follow :-)

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Minding Buddy #4: Buddy has arrived!

So, Buddy arrived Thursday morning. He is a really sweet puppy.

And is getting on well with Amber, Wilson, Cody & Zara - Holly is tolerating him!

So far he's been to the field, town, 2 pet shops (he was weighed - 4kgs) and has played with me, Wilson, Zara, in the paddling pool and likes tunnels!

He also was very good sitting on my lap with Wilson whilst I watched a movie - although he was chewing my hands a little!

Tomorrow we're going to Kinsale, for a beach walk as part of the 'Bernese World Wide Walk' and I'll bring Wilson and Buddy (although Buddy will need to be carried most of the way!)

I'll let you know how we get on and share more photos tomorrow! 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Minding Buddy #3: Meeting Buddy

Buddy being cuddled

Today we went to visit Buddy, the puppy who I'll be minding for 2 weeks from the 22nd. He is a really bouncy, confident puppy. His toy drive is very good, and he has lot's of interest in food, I think he'll be great fun to train. He was smaller then I expected, about the size Wilson was at 8 weeks, even though hes already 10 weeks!
Tugging with Zara's leash
His face is very like a poodle, and his coloring a cocker spaniel.  He is very out-going, and sweet, a bit bite-y but should grow out of that, loads of fun, very playful. He's had little training so far, but I'm really looking forward to working with him. I'm going to try and work on basic training, and socializing, and maybe a little agility foundations (even though he's not going to do agility). 

Playing with Wilson's bunny

During the visit, I started 'charging' the clicker, did some restrained recalls, some 'chase me' games, and lot's cuddles and play. I think, based on how he was today, I'll be able to teach him a good fetch whilst he's with me, and reward with food and toys.


I also think he's the sort of puppy Wilson will love! Very playful and confident with other dogs, we took Zara, and even though she's way bigger than him,  he loved playing with her!