Friday, 13 November 2015

Junior Handling and Frisbee Plans

Rebound, a potential trick for Frisbee

Okay, I hope you all like the new lay-out of the blog! I've jsut realized I never shared why I decided to not pursue Junior Handling or Frisbee as a hobby for now, well here's why:

I decided to try out Junior Handling at a show this Summer, to see how we got on. Whilst it was fun, I realized it's not really for us at the minute, I prefer the speed and excitement of Agility to the slick and precise style of Junior Handling.

I also think, truthfully Wilson found it pretty boring. We may well return to it in the future but for now Tricks and Agility is what we're working on.

Frisbee is another thing we were considering trying, I just think that beacuseat the minute I don't play frisbee with Wilson, it's not something he loves. I also think it'd take a lot of training and I want to focus on Agility and Tricks, but we are training tricks that, in the future could contribute to frisbee performances, so you never know... I may try this sport with Holly, she's more of a natural at frisbee/catching toys, and she can flip! Also there arn't currently any frisbee competitions near us to compete at whereas there is Agility.

Here's some photo's ...

Stacking on the table

Standing in the "line up" 

A nice stack

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