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Monday, 31 August 2015

Video Plans, Summer Video, Wilson 2.5 Years & Holly 3 Years!

Well, my laptop issue has been partially resolved, I managed to move some extra (big) files off my computer so  I've now made 1:40 of my "Summer 2015" video. I'm hoping to publish it either tomorrow or by the 7th of September.

"Wilson 2.5 Years" video has been postponed and should be published by 20th September at the latest.

The " Trip to London 2015" video will hopefully be made by the 10th September.  

I'm also hoping to make a "Holly 3 Years" video which would be published on her Birthday 10th October.

Then I'll finally, finally, finally ... be able to start on my "You and Me Against the World" video yay! Which would be published in October.

In the mean time there will be lot's of videos for my Agility course, and videos of any shows/competitions we go to.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Videos: SUMMER 2015, Wilson 2.5 Years & London Trip!!!

Okay, sooo I have a bit of an issue with my laptop: it's full! I'm currently editing my Summer video and Wilson's 2.5 years video, and I'm also making short videos for the online agility class i'm doing with Wilson.

My Summer video was going to be published in the next few days but, I can't finish editing it and I ended up losing 2 minutes of it because I couldn't save it! It might be published soon and should definitely be done mid/late September.

Wilson's 2.5 year video is meant to be published 3rd September but we're in London 3rd-4th September so I'd planned to publish it 2nd September before we leave but it could be once we get back, if so it should be early September.

My London video will be published early September.

Beth + Wilson Xx

PS. Sorry for both the boring post and the lack of posting!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Video Plans

Doing some running with Holly and Wilson
(the clips of it will most likely be in the Summer video)

It's been ages since I uploaded my last video! I actually have plan's for a few videos at the minute, Here they are!

You and Me Against the World ~ Wilson & Beth
Song: You and Me
Hopefully Published: August
I had the idea for this video ages ago, back in March. However I wanted to be able to go to the Beach, Forest ect... and with the puppies the places we could go were limited.The idea is lot's of Agility and new Tricks - Foot-stall, Your Feet on Mine, High Five ect... Trick's that we both have to be part of, and us doing lot's of things together.

Wilson - 2.5 Years
Song: Undecided
Hopefully Published: Early September
Basically a video of lot's of Tricks, Agility and Fun, to celebrate his half-birthday!

Song: Undecied
Hopefully Published: Early September
Lot's of clips of the fun things we've done this Summer!

Trip to London
Song: Undecided
Hopefully Published: 4th-7th September
We're going to London for 2 days in September and I want to make a video of all the things we do - It'll probably be made with my GoPro. This may be made into it's own video or be part of my Summer 2015 video.

I may make a 3 year video for Holly, a 6 month video for Zara, I'll also try and make a video of every show/competition we go to. Also I only got a few clip's from the show on the 25th - as Wilson didn't do what I wanted and kept running out the ring so those clips may go into another video at some point but maybe not.

Beth + Wilson

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Training & Shows

Well, we have 3 shows planned at the minute the first this month, August 16th - which I'll be doing junior handling for the first time in! We're all entered, and we're doing lot's of training. The 2nd is 19 September which is our second Agility competition and second junior handling competition. And finally the biggest show so far this year: September 27th - The Belfast show, which we're not officially entered in yet as, as we're in Ireland and our dogs are only registered with the ICK, we have to send of registration for the KC, and a passport for puppy, Zara. I was hoping/planning to do YKC (Young Kennel Club) Agility with Wilson but the show runs for 2 days and (because of Zara's showing), we're going on the 2nd day and not the first., and the YKC Agility is on the first day. So I'll most likely enter YKC Junior Handling and Grade 1-3 Agility (Small), but this show is a CRUFTS qualifier. So we're doing lot's of Agility and Junior Handling Training and Practice. I'm watching Foundations Fun, Agility is just another Game, and I'm also considering signing up to the Foundations course that Silvia Trkman is doing this month - which is the course that sort of goes with the DVD.

I've also been doing some training with Holly, who is also going to all three shows, aswell as our Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Zara and Amber her mum.

Beth + Wilson Xx

Monday, 3 August 2015

Agility and Junior Handling Training

I entered Wilson for a show on the 19th September, to do Junior Handling (13 - 14 years) and Grade 1-3 Agility (Small), I've think we'll be ready for it, but we have to do lot's of practice.

His Junior Handling training is going really good - being ably to use a lure does help! I've been practicing my handling too.

I've also been working on Agility and I think we have more work to do for that to be honest! I've contacted someone who makes personalized tug toys and the they should be coming soon. I'm also going to buy some balls too, which I'll get at the same time as I order him his new collar, harness and leash. I'm going to watch some more "Foundations Fun" today. I've also been doing some more work on "Freecallers" and I'll keep working on that, and toy motivation training; He will now do several jumps for a ball. I need to also work on "distractions" and go to a Agility class.
As well as Junior Handling and Agility training I've been trying to follow the "Freecallers" program, (and I'm going to keep working on that for now) and some Trick Training we're doing "Hug a Toy" - and I'm trying "shaping".

Beth + Wilson Xx