Monday, 9 November 2015

Video Plans for the rest of 2015!

Okay, I have two videos planned for the last 1 and a bit months of 2015 :-)

Winter 2015 & Agility Foundations Graduation Video 

The one coming first is our Graduation video, we've been taking part in Silvia Trkmans Agility Foundations course and after each course all participants can share a video of everything they learnt and then people vote for the best video, the winner gets to join another online course for free :-) Our video, hopefully will be one of the first submitted as the course doesn't finish till the 22nd and I've been working on it for several days :-) I'm also hoping ours will be pretty good, We're enjoying the last two weeks of the course for now :-)

Then Winter 2015, I've decided to give the whole of December to work on this one, so I'm hoping it'll be good, should be submitted before Jan 1st 2016!!!!

And I'll give you a clue as to whats next "Happy Birthday Wilson 3 Years" - I'm going to give at least 3 months to that one :-)

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