Friday, 13 November 2015

A new walk ...

We went on a new walk today, my sister has drama class each week and this time I decided to go along, with Wilson, my other sister and her puppy. It wasn't the most exciting place just a small village, luckily it had floodlights 'cause it was already dark.
After a quick walk along the pavement we headed for a large patch of grass, and it was amazing that when your looking there are so many opportunities for practicing tricks! Like a low wall for Wilson the jump on and walk along. A massive plant pot, with only a small plant in the centre for Wilson to jump up and walk along the edge. A flight of steps to practice 2o2o or Back-up steps on. Lamp posts for practicing Cik&Cap or Hug-a-pole. Or even railings for "Paw's Up"!
We didn't get any photo's but we're probably going to go next week ...
Beth, Wilson + Zara Xxx

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