Monday, 16 November 2015

Puppy Photo's - Wilson

A few of the Million baby photo's of Wilson as a puppy! More to follow, once I find them! I may even find some puppy clips to put in his B-day video!!! Anyway, massive cuteness-overload for now!
Click on link for writing part of post! When I met Wilson .. till now!

Beth + Wilson Xx

Wilson 7 days (the first photo I have, this pic always reminds me of when I first met him)
A little bit older, just as his eyes opened 
Sleepy Puppy

Pile of Puppies

Wilson (far left)
A favorite of mine x

One of the photo's we were sent when we had to choose between Wilson and Pinky 

The photo that made me cry, I love this one too 

Before we picked him up

Handsome Boy


Him and his equally crazy sister, Bunny  

First Day Home

Happy Puppy

In the daisies


Cuddles! He still does that now!

With Holly

Sunbathing with Holly

My Baby

Sweetest little Pup

Quite a bit older, Cuddles!




  1. OMD! He was and is adorable! Stunning photography!

  2. I have to agree with you :-) In many way's he's hardly changed, often when I look at him I see puppy him, in his expressions and character :-) The photo's are lovely, but I can only claim credit for the daisy ones :-p I was fortunate his breeder was so good at photography, the tiny baby photo's are lovely memories :-)