Monday, 3 August 2015

Agility and Junior Handling Training

I entered Wilson for a show on the 19th September, to do Junior Handling (13 - 14 years) and Grade 1-3 Agility (Small), I've think we'll be ready for it, but we have to do lot's of practice.

His Junior Handling training is going really good - being ably to use a lure does help! I've been practicing my handling too.

I've also been working on Agility and I think we have more work to do for that to be honest! I've contacted someone who makes personalized tug toys and the they should be coming soon. I'm also going to buy some balls too, which I'll get at the same time as I order him his new collar, harness and leash. I'm going to watch some more "Foundations Fun" today. I've also been doing some more work on "Freecallers" and I'll keep working on that, and toy motivation training; He will now do several jumps for a ball. I need to also work on "distractions" and go to a Agility class.
As well as Junior Handling and Agility training I've been trying to follow the "Freecallers" program, (and I'm going to keep working on that for now) and some Trick Training we're doing "Hug a Toy" - and I'm trying "shaping".

Beth + Wilson Xx

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