Friday, 7 August 2015

Video Plans

Doing some running with Holly and Wilson
(the clips of it will most likely be in the Summer video)

It's been ages since I uploaded my last video! I actually have plan's for a few videos at the minute, Here they are!

You and Me Against the World ~ Wilson & Beth
Song: You and Me
Hopefully Published: August
I had the idea for this video ages ago, back in March. However I wanted to be able to go to the Beach, Forest ect... and with the puppies the places we could go were limited.The idea is lot's of Agility and new Tricks - Foot-stall, Your Feet on Mine, High Five ect... Trick's that we both have to be part of, and us doing lot's of things together.

Wilson - 2.5 Years
Song: Undecided
Hopefully Published: Early September
Basically a video of lot's of Tricks, Agility and Fun, to celebrate his half-birthday!

Song: Undecied
Hopefully Published: Early September
Lot's of clips of the fun things we've done this Summer!

Trip to London
Song: Undecided
Hopefully Published: 4th-7th September
We're going to London for 2 days in September and I want to make a video of all the things we do - It'll probably be made with my GoPro. This may be made into it's own video or be part of my Summer 2015 video.

I may make a 3 year video for Holly, a 6 month video for Zara, I'll also try and make a video of every show/competition we go to. Also I only got a few clip's from the show on the 25th - as Wilson didn't do what I wanted and kept running out the ring so those clips may go into another video at some point but maybe not.

Beth + Wilson

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