Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Toy Motivation: Play with Balls

I've just been doing some work on toy motivation, Wilson isn't the most toy motivated dog: you could throw a ball and he'd ignore it! I think working for toys would be good as I think he'd run faster in agility and I also think it would be good to reduce treat's: not that he's fat! I also think it would just be more fun for both him and me.

I decided to use a purple squeaky ball, because he likes it, it squeak's, which will make him more likely to chase it, and besides I couldn't find any other toys! I'm going to buy some tug toy's an balls. Anyway I squeaked it and threw it and just played, then I asked for basic tricks, sit, jump over my leg ect... and got him to do it before he got the toy - eventually I want to be able to hide the toy or show it then hide it (as you would in agility you play with the toy, give it to the person at the end and then run, then reward!) ask for the behavior and reward after he does it! I was sort of luring him today. I also did some restrained chase's - I held him with one hand bounced or rolled the ball or just waved it around and then yelled "Get It" or "Go" and then released him! I also made the ball go side-to-side and then let him go telling him "Get It" and throwing it!

He really enjoyed it and we stopped the game with him wanting more!

Beth + Wilson Xx

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