Monday, 31 August 2015

Video Plans, Summer Video, Wilson 2.5 Years & Holly 3 Years!

Well, my laptop issue has been partially resolved, I managed to move some extra (big) files off my computer so  I've now made 1:40 of my "Summer 2015" video. I'm hoping to publish it either tomorrow or by the 7th of September.

"Wilson 2.5 Years" video has been postponed and should be published by 20th September at the latest.

The " Trip to London 2015" video will hopefully be made by the 10th September.  

I'm also hoping to make a "Holly 3 Years" video which would be published on her Birthday 10th October.

Then I'll finally, finally, finally ... be able to start on my "You and Me Against the World" video yay! Which would be published in October.

In the mean time there will be lot's of videos for my Agility course, and videos of any shows/competitions we go to.

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