Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Training for Our First Competition

Well, the fact I don't own either a floppy/collapsible or ridged tunnel is annoying. It was one of the few thing's Wilson wouldn't do at the BMD Show. I've been working with our childrens play tunnel - which was originally bought for the puppies - it's a bit like a collapsible tunnel. He's doing really good with it - a bit more time working on that and he'll be ready for a real floppy tunnel!

 For the ridged tunnel, the play tunnel has helped I'm also using lot's of different things to encourage him to basically go through any 'tunnel-like' thing I ask him to go to. I used small/low chairs with a blanket draped over them to get him to both do a straight and curved "tunnel" I just pointed at it (for now my hand has to basically go in the tunnel but with practice just pointing at it from a distance should do) and ran to the other end and called him and at the end of the 1st session I did it with with no food in my hand and he went through and came out the other end looking for his cheese!

We're also working on 2o2o, I point at the dogwalk and say up,up,up,up and run ahead and position myself in-front of the dogwalk and get him to wait and then say ... AND GO! and he runs on to the next obstacle with me, I'm doing simmular on the Seesaw, the Seesaw is also improving a lot and were continuing to train on all the obstacles focusing mostly on Go! Run and Weaves.

We got the dogs "numbers" and the map of the show (location for rings ect...) and all the info ... start times ect... Wilson is No. 2025 and is entered in Pre-Beginner's Obedience and Grade 1-3 Combined Jumping. He is in the "Small" category at 30cm but hasn't been officially measured. My sister is running Holly - they are doing Grade 1-3 Combined Jumping aswell. And my other sister is doing the "Baby Puppy" class with Zara.

Beth + Wilson

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