Monday, 13 July 2015


Taking a break from paddling
Yesterday we went to the beach, our beach walk lasted - 1 minute. It wasn't until we were on the beach that we realized - there are no dog's allowed on the main beach between 8am and 9pm (or something like that). So we turned round got the dog's in the car and went to the cove, which is a little pebbly beach with a lake/river running into the sea. We brought the cameras (the Cannon E0S 7D and my GoPro - which ran out of charge as soon as we got there) so we could get some photo's and clips. I had brought the Hurtta life-vest we're testing at the minute. I wore short's and rock shoe's as I had planned to go in the water with Wilson.

We went straight in the water after putting on the life-vest. Wilson was happy to go in and he paddled about - not much swimming mostly paddling (but in quite deep). We went in the sea and river and he was great in both! We got loads and loads of clips.

The clip's will go in my Summer 2015 video - which should be filmed/edited/published by September 1st.

Beth + Wilson Xx

Wilson - just before he jumped in the water again

Paddling in the Sea

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