Saturday, 2 April 2016

Minding Buddy #3: Meeting Buddy

Buddy being cuddled

Today we went to visit Buddy, the puppy who I'll be minding for 2 weeks from the 22nd. He is a really bouncy, confident puppy. His toy drive is very good, and he has lot's of interest in food, I think he'll be great fun to train. He was smaller then I expected, about the size Wilson was at 8 weeks, even though hes already 10 weeks!
Tugging with Zara's leash
His face is very like a poodle, and his coloring a cocker spaniel.  He is very out-going, and sweet, a bit bite-y but should grow out of that, loads of fun, very playful. He's had little training so far, but I'm really looking forward to working with him. I'm going to try and work on basic training, and socializing, and maybe a little agility foundations (even though he's not going to do agility). 

Playing with Wilson's bunny

During the visit, I started 'charging' the clicker, did some restrained recalls, some 'chase me' games, and lot's cuddles and play. I think, based on how he was today, I'll be able to teach him a good fetch whilst he's with me, and reward with food and toys.


I also think he's the sort of puppy Wilson will love! Very playful and confident with other dogs, we took Zara, and even though she's way bigger than him,  he loved playing with her!

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