Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bernese Mountain Dog Worldwide Walk 2016 (Kinsale)

So yesterday we went down to Kinsale to take part in the Bernese Mountain Dog Worldwide Walk 2016. We walked on The Dock Beach, and then to James Fort. 

In total there were 13 Bernese, 1 Cavalier & 1 Crossbreed - 15 dogs :-) 

Originally I was going to have Wilson & Buddy traveling separately, as I was worried Buddy would pester Wilson to play, but I decided to try, and they were fine, and just curled up together.  

They were both really good, I was especially pleased with Wilson as I was carrying Buddy a lot, and he's not used to that, or I was also walking Buddy - and the only other dog he usually walks beside is Holly, and she's less excitable.

They were both really confident with the bigger dogs and said 'Hi' to all 13 Bernese!

Buddy trying to steal a treat from my treat bag whilst I reward Wilson!

Wilson  posing before the walk ... I think Buddy is still looking for treats!

We then went to The Dock Beach, they loved that - Amber, Zara, Wilson & Buddy all paddled in the sea!

There were also rocks for climbing ...

We then walked through fields to James Fort. Buddy wanted to walk the whole way - but I did carry him for most of it!
Amazing views and fabulous photo opportunities!

He was meant to be posing by the view ... but he didn't want us to be left behind ...

Walking 2 dogs!

At James Fort, Kinsale

What a gorgeous view!

Buddy just being an annoying little puppy!

We really enjoyed the day, and they were both so well behaved! We also got lot's of clips which will be included in Buddy's video, which I've begun editing. I also wanted to say; I'm going o try and make an effort to blog more, daily whilst Buddy's here and then weekly.

Beth, Wilson & Buddy Xxx

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