Saturday, 12 December 2015

Tricks are Fun!

I'm working on a few different tricks with Holly & Wlson and am also working on their general obedience a bit, to improve :-) 
Holly; Handstand, Footstall, Pivoting, Side Legs, Target Back Legs, Obedience & Leave
Wilson; Pivoting to Heel, Look, Happy Tricks, Footstall, Rebounds, Obedience, Recall , Kick Ball & Target Back Legs.

For Agility I'm focusing on: 
Holly; Running Contacts, Obstacle Discrimination, Commitment, Listening and FUN!
Wilson; Toys, Happy Tricks, Focus, Speed, and FUN!

Wilson's not been quite as interested in toys lately, but he was playing fetch yesterday and he was tugging too so we're just going to do some more work with toys, especially outside :-) And some just playing, not all focused on Agility, and I'm going to use treats too :-)

Holly doesn't always listen and gets so focused on that ball, so that's what we need to work on :-)

Handstand ... almost!

Erm ... my treat?

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