Tuesday, 8 December 2015

New collars and Bandanna!

Holly & Wilson's collar's and bandanna came today! I got an "ordinary" (every-day) collar with a "Cheeky Monkey" design for Wilson, and Holly got a "Christmas Aztec" design Winter/Christmas collar (she already has a nice every-day one) and a Christmas (Candy Cane) Bandanna for Wilson!

Wilson in his collar, the cheeky monkey design suit his personality! (his fur is so long you can barely see it!)

Now you can see it! (One of our new tricks is "hold it" so anything I hold by his face he tries to hold!)

"Love my dog" ... So true!

All the collars come with a charm, this is the front of Wilson's (above photo of reverse)

Candy Cane Bandanna

Again, he want to chew it!

Pretty Girl (No one noticed it was upside down ... did they :-p )

Love this design!

Holly got a charm too, a stocking as her collar is Christmassy!

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