Thursday, 24 September 2015

Agility Show with Holly & Wilson

Ughh, how long has it been since I posted? Too long! We went an Agility Show on Saturday and I brough Holly & Wilson! I had planned to do a training round with both of them. But whilst we were lining up I couldn't get Wilson interested in the toy at all - he was just too distracted! So I just ran Holly who was fab!

This was her second training round, and my first with running her at a show!!! I skipped the weaves and seesaw as she's not been trained on them yet, and she refused to do any tunnels. Don't worry she didn't hurt herself when she jumped off the dogwalk and I'll be more careful with her next time.

I did some training with Wilson with a jump and tunnel I brought and set up by the van, he was super and then was playing tug with me - we also met his breeder and her adorable Tri-color cavalier pup!

Beth, Wilson + Holly

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