Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wilson's World

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Beth Roche (14). I have a 2 year old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called, Wilson. He's the best dog I could ask for, Small, Fast, Crazy, Happy, Friendly, Adorable, Amazing, Speedy, Adventurous, Loving, Sweet, Beautiful, Clever, Handsome & Gorgeous.

This year we started Agility training, which is great fun! I hope to compete with him and I have him entered for his first competition in July. I also want to get into Obedience and he's doing well with his training, his recall is much improved!I have entered him in  "Junior Handling" in August, I've never done it before but I've a good idea what it's like as I've watched a DVD about it and watched the Junior Handling at shows, my sister also did it with her Bernese Amber, and I've done a bit of Breed/Group Handling. We also do lot's of trick training, most trick's appear in my video's. I love training him new tricks, it's really fun!

I also recently started making videos, I'd liked the idea for a while, and just before Christmas I finally filmed Wilson doing some tricks then I got an movie editing program in March and made "Wilson - 2 Year's - Brighter than the Sun" in time for Wilson's 2nd Birthday on 3rd March. I now have made eight video's in total and I have plan's for many more, I'll be sharing all about my video's on here. I'll also share load's of photo's of Wilson on here as I enjoy photography.

Beth and Wilson Xx

I have previously made two blog's of Wilson, one recorded the first year with me, and another from last February to now, please check them out!

I also appreciate every Like, Comment, Share, View & SUBSCRIBE on my video's and YouTube account, check out my videos I've made of Wilson and Amber's puppies. 

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