Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Swimming! ... a Forest Walk by the River

A few weeks ago I saw that Hurtta wanted tester's for their "Special Designer's Sample Edition Life Vest's" I really liked the colors (Hot Pink & Lime Green/Lime Green & Hot Pink) and wondered for a few day if I should post and tell them about Wilson (they wanted people who did water sports to post a bit about their dog, their location and a photo of their dog) anyway eventually I decided to enter. Then a week or so later, they announced the testers and we were on of them! I sent on our full address and then it arrived in the post, and it fitted perfectly. I've been waiting for an opportunity to take Wilson somewhere to swim for a while and today we went to the river,We go to the forest to walk the dogs most days and there are several different routes we can take, one of them has a small river just off the path. 

I actually forgot the life-vest today but we let him have a paddle anyway to see if he would (he's been in the river for paddles a few times before) and he did - in fact he was desperate to get in the water! Which I was delighted about, he went in pretty deep although not quite to the point where he had to swim. 

I brought my GoPro with me and got an awesome clip of Wilson in the river and I then put it in the water and the footage was very clear! 

Beth + Wilson Xx

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