Monday, 9 October 2017

Autumn Agility Show

A few weeks ago we went to the IADSA Autumn Agility show, which unfortunately (apart from maybe one funday in December) is the last show of the season for us. 

I'm really pleased with how our runs went, apart from some issues with start-lines, contacts and weaves (which caused us to get E'd in all 3 runs) I thought Wilson ran really nicely, and I think I'm getting starting to get the hang of handling him without voice cues (anyone who is wondering why I don't use voice cues for Wilson please read this Instagram Post) so still have lots to work on, but I feel like we're getting there! 

I'm so proud of Holly who placed 2nd in Grade 1-2 Agility with a time of 47.353 seconds and a Clear round (7.023 seconds off winning the class and going up a grade) and 4th in Grade 1-3 Jumping with another Clear round and a time of 38.297 seconds (just 3.929 seconds slower than the winning dog)!

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