Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Crufts Holiday 2016!!!

Day One: March 7th 2016
We travelled for most of the day, but the dogs got a nice walk on the beach after the ferry, which they loved. We went to Trearrdur Bay, Wales. 

Wilson exploring the rock pools.

Day 2: March 8th 2016
We explored the village of Rolleston-on-Dove, Staffordshire, where we were staying with the dogs, there was a brook running through the village, with lot's of ducks, and a woodland with a waterfall. Wilson loved watching the ducks!

Wilson looking gorgeous, with the village in the background.

Day 3: March 9th 2016
We went to Bushey, North London for a family party, I also got to walk my cousins dog, Ruby. As well as meet her kittens and cat.

Day 4: March 9th 2016
First day of Crufts! It was great,  We watched freestyle, agility, flyball, gundog display, breed judging & discover dogs. I also met up with my friend, and her poodle, Darcy.


Day 5: March 10th 2016
Wilson went for a walk in the woodland with me, and we went to Crufts again. We watched lot's of agility, heelwork to music and did some shopping

Wilson with the little waterfall int he background

Ashleigh and Pudsey doing Agility.
Day 6: March 12th 2016
Zara's day at Crufts! She did very well and got VHC! I met another friend and her jack russel terrier, Smartie and I got to watch their brilliant run in the YKC Small ABC finals. Watched more agility & did more shopping. 
Some of the things I got at Crufts! Lot's of toys, a Cavalier T-shirt, and Treats!
Day 7, 8 & 9: March 13th & 14th 2016
We went to the tobogganing SnowDome, and before the ferry we went to Trearrdur Bay, Wales with the dogs again. 

Trearrdur Bay, Wales

Video to follow in the next few weeks.

Now we're back I'm looking forward to more Agility and Obedience training with Holly and Wilson, resuming our Let's Play & Running Contacts training. Aswell minding Buddy the Cocker Spaniel x Poodle puppy in a few weeks time. His owners picked him up yesterday, and sent us this photo.


smile emoticoand got to watch their brilliant run in the YKC Small ABC competition smile emoticoAnd watched more agility, more shopping & watching the bernese judging

smile emoticonI also met Leah Casey and her adorable poodle, Dar

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