Sunday, 26 July 2015

Agility Show & Training Plan

We went to the show yesterday for our first Competition. We got up at 7am and then packed the last few bits, and got in the car, which wouldn't start. Two hour's later we got it to start so we decided to go, and hope we'd get there in time. When we arrived we got the dogs out and I went with Cait and asked what time the Agility was on and they said not till after lunch, we got there for 12am. So we asked about the Obedience which we had missed, and then went to meet Gilbert and we had lunch and watched Gilbert and Zara being shown. Zara got Best Baby Puppy Bitch of her Breed and Gilbert got Best Baby Puppy of Breed.

Then we went to the inside part of the show (the Agility, Obedience and Bernese Showing was all outside). I got a bed for Wilson (Grey Camo Vet-Bed)  and a Bandanna (Lime Green Polka-Dots), and Cait got a bed (Lime Green Paws) and a Bandanna (Pink Dogs) for Holly. 

Then we watched the Agility for a bit until it was our turn, firstly was walked  the course. When it was our turn Wilson kept running of to meet other dogs, the only thing he did was the Seesaw ( I think he was expecting it to be a dog walk and he was surprised when the seesaw moved!) I was disappointing and a bit embarrassed. However I now know that we need to do a lot more training & go to a class, so he'll get used to focusing on me with other dogs/distractions and so he can run a full course with real equipment.

My training plans based on what he did yesterday is, Finnish Freecallers, Freecaller's is part of the "Recallers" program the first four games for free, to help with his general obedience, focus & recall. 

Watch the whole of "Foundation's Fun" (an Agility Foundations/Training DVD which I bought and is very good) and follow as much as I can. Work on Toy Motivation. And continue Junior Handling and Trick Training.

Beth + Wilson Xx

Wilson's VetBed and Bandanna and Holly's VetBed and Bandanna

Wilson's new Bandanna

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